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will rayson composer

I am a musician, composer, producer and arranger who writes music for television documentaries and film based in Gloucestershire, UK. My work has been used on mainstream networks such as the BBC, MTV, NBC and The Discovery Channel.

I was born with a burning desire to play the drums. I never had to sit down and think of an instrument to play, I simply belonged to drums.

After smashing the furniture to pieces, my parents bought me my first kit when I was 13 (it's still in use) which in turn led me to a steady stream of bands.

I still play with a number of the guys and have steadily picked up playing guitar, bass and keyboards as a result.

For many years now I have been writing and recording music for TV shows, films and documentaries both in the UK and in the States.

I was recently commissioned to write the original score for the award winning short film “A Girl Goes to Dinner”, written and directed by Jack Ethan Perry. In addition, I am working on the full-length documentary for Silver Knight Productions called “Bam Bam”, the story of a fifty-year-old female amateur boxer for Netflix.

I compose to make the connection with the viewer the director cannot with words and pictures alone.