Will Rayson





Film and Documentaries


Bam Bam (currently in production)

A documentary by Alex Shipman
Written and Directed by Alex Shipman
Original score by Will Rayson



A Girl Goes for Dinner (2016)

A film by Jack Ethan Perry
Written and directed by Jack Ethan Perry
Original score by Will Rayson
film credits

TV Credits

Snapped: Killer Couples (TV series)

I (Almost) Got Away With It (TV series)

Venom Hunters (TV series)

Justice: By Any means (TV series)

Wives with Knives (TV series)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (TV Series)

Tornado Alley (TV series)

Hotel Secrets & Legends (TV Series)

All on the Line (TV Series)

True Lives (TV Series)

Knife Fight (TV series)

Ultimate Armoured Car: The Presidential Beast (TV documentary)

America’s Dark Secrets (TV documentary)

 You Can’t Lick Your Elbow (TV series)